Snow Plow Plan

  1. Major Streets: With Three inches or more of snow all Major Streets will be plowed. As Major Street are plowed a salt and sand mix will be applied during the second pass to reduce plowing and ice conditions.
  2. Major Streets and Icy Road conditions: If there is less than Three inches of snow and icing conditions are wide spread salt/sand mix will be put down at all major intersections and hills.
  3. Local Street: Local Streets will be plowed after Major Streets.
  4. Weekend Plowing: Limited Major Streets will be plowed on weekends 3 or more inches of snow has fallen. Four inches of powered snow or less Local Streets will not be plowed on Weekends. If major snow has occurred on a Weekend Local streets including Dead Ends will be plowed for passage only.
  5. Week days: Only during regular working hours and after all Streets are plowed and salted. Sidewalks, Bike Path, 4th Street parking lot and Boat launch parking will be cleared. Clear the section of bike path that goes through the park and up to restrooms. Do not clear the section of the bike path that crosses the sledding hill. Clean up of the dead end streets (No Outlet) will only be done on week days during regular working hours.
  6. The Village is divided into four Sections: A, B, C and D. These sections are plowed in a counterclockwise pattern. The exceptions if there is a sever drifting in section B and C then they are plowed first.