The Village of Fruitport Community Recreation Master Plan 2015-2020

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) requires that community recreation plans be updated every five years as criteria to receive funding from the State in the form of grants for park and open space acquisition, park development, and existing park improvements. The purpose of this procedure is to provide an opportunity to include changing needs and assets for the community. This Recreation Plan was developed by analyzing an inventory of issues and physical features for the area and tailoring development of recreation programs and facilities in a systematic manner, or plan, through the next five years; meeting the requirement (guidelines) of the MDNR.

The Community Recreation Plan for The Village of Fruitport inventories existing parks and recreation programs, and with this information, the needs for neighborhood parks, supporting facilities, trailway/greenway systems, and recreation programs are analyzed for the next five years. The recommendations in this plan are provided through analysis of demographic projections, village land-use trends, natural features inventory, citizen input, past and future recreational trends, state and federal grant funding requirements and potential land acquisition opportunities.

View the recreation plan here.